Importance of the Programme

Sundarvan plays a very crucial role in sensitising and creating appreciation for wildlife, specially the lesser known species like snakes and other reptiles. Sundarvan also conducts curriculum based programmes and activities for students of different age group - from primary to secondary schools. Apart from these, technical sessions are also conducted for high school students on request.

Expected Outcomes

  • Through this programme, students will get hands-on knowledge of their syllabus rather than learn only from textbooks.
  • Students will get practical and self-learning exposure to the topics as prescribed in their respective syllabus.
  • Field and Nature based education will enhance their understanding of the respective subjects.
  • Ideas from recent studies and research in relevant subjects will be incorporated in the teaching and learning modules.
  • Through participatory, practical and field based learning, the programme will enhance the capacity of students in understanding various subjects and performing in exams.

Tentative Plan

  • No. of students: 30/Batch
  • No. of sessions for each grade: 6
    • (Sessions will be divided as - 2 for Theory, 3 for Practical, 1 for Assessment)
  • Timesheet (schedule) of the 6 sessions: Can be discussed/negotiated as per the requirement of the school
  • Details of sessions:
    • Theory : 4 hours (Including 15 minutes break)
    • Practical: 4 hours
    • Assessment: 4 hours (2 hours indoor, 2 hours outdoor)
  • Charges per student: Rs. 3000 for 6 sessions (Rs. 500/session)

Activities include :

  • Curriculum based activities (2 topics from the relevant curriculum)
  • Nature trail walk

Additional activities (on payment basis) :

  • Snake awareness (Rs.1500)
  • Puppetry (Rs. 2000)