Sundarvan is a mini-zoo that houses reptiles, birds, mammals and an aquarium. Having all four members of the reptilians, i.e. lizards, snakes, turtle-tortoises and crocodiles, the place is popularly known as a snake park. Sundarvan takes pride in being the only zoo in Gujarat housing the African-Slender snouted Crocodiles, the biggest members in our animal collection. Sundarvan, started as a Nature Discovery centre in 1978 and provides an excellent opportunity to the visitors to interact with nature through feeding Ducks and Geese, to observing them in very close quarters in a dedicated space that is separated from the zoo premises.


Sundarvan has more than 50 varieties of trees apart from different species of shrubs and herbs. Thick vegetation cover supports numerous animal lives ranging from colourful invertebrates to mammals and birds.

Indian Fruit Bats, Small Indian Mongoose and Five-striped Palm Squirrels are the free ranging mammals found in the park. No visitor will miss the resting bats that hang upside down on large trees of the park. Around 500 of these bats use Sundarvan as their natural roost site.

Though there are around 60 bird species recorded from Sundarvan, Indian Peafowls are the very prominent free ranging birds that visitors have more chance to encounter in the park. A curious person can find more birds while going around the place. Some of the winter migrants like Grey-headed Canary Flycatchers, Red-breasted Flycatchers and Tickell’s Blue Flycatchers use Sundarvan as their home.


A small butterfly garden close to the entrance is a good space to explore for a variety of insects.