Snake Awareness Programmes for Students

Whether it is an awareness programme for engineering students or a beyond the textbook experience for Zoology students, Sundarvan team is able to address everybody’s questions about snakes! College students visit Sundarvan every year to understand the reptiles, especially snakes, in an outdoor classroom setting. In a comprehensive programme that includes learning more about characteristics of snakes, their diversity, venomous and non-venomous snakes, and precaution against snakebite, first aid and treatment for snakebite, myths and facts about snakes and related conservation issues; we also give importance to interactive discussions about advances in medicine.

Who conducts the programme?  Wildlife biologists and field experts.

Will participants get to see the reptiles? Yes.

What kind of teaching aid is used? Snake slough, skeleton, fangs and high resolution images.

Will the participants get resource material? Yes, a booklet on snakes and awareness posters for the college.

What about school students? Yes, we conduct snake awareness programmes for school groups. Our team is experienced in doing a programme from pre-schoolers all the way to teachers.

To book a Snake Awareness Programme, email us at