The Place: Pavagadh-Champaner in Panchmahal district is situated at 45 km north of Vadodara. The site was inscribed on World Heritage list by UNESCO in July 2004 and entitled ‘Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park’. The site covers prehistoric sites, remains of the 16th century capital, and Rajput hill fortress. Various historical monuments from 8th to 14th centuries include fortifications, palaces, religious and residential buildings, agricultural edifice and water bodies. The Kalikamata Temple on the top of Pavagadh Hill attracts pilgrims in large numbers.

The 10th century AD Lakulisha Temple located on the Mauliya Plateau is the earliest historical monument. The site is the best example of a fine blend of Hindu and Islamic architecture. This is most evident in Jami Masjid built during the reign of Mahmud Begda in 15th century AD.

The Camp: Two-day camps are organized to celebrate monsoon. Pavagadh is about 160 kms from Ahmedabad. It is about 2500 ft above MSL and has a circumference of 42 kms. The night halt is at Pavagadh.

Visiting Pavagadh Hill top is part of the camping activity There is also a choice of taking the ropeway at an additional cost for those who do not want to climb the Pavagadh hill. Other activities include visiting and exploring the famous World Heritage Site at Champaner, which is at the base of Pavagadh.

Things to carry: Rucksack, necessary clothing, raincoat, torch, sleeping bag, towel, napkin, necessary toiletries, sports shoes, socks, slippers, water bottle, lunch box, sun-cap, camera, binoculars, torch, note-book, ball pen, personal medicines.

Camp Season: Monsoon & Winter months

Camp Duration: 2 days