Mt. Abu

Introduction: Mt.Abu is the tallest point between the Himalayas and the Sahyadris, Mt.Abu has a lot to offer to the visitors. We invite you to be a part of this rare opportunity to explore Abu’s beautiful yet very challenging wilderness.

Programme: This programme is conceived and carried out by people highly experienced in the field of mountaineering, adventure and nature education. Schools should make this programme an integral part of their activities.

Activities: Nature trails, bird watching, basic mountaineering techniques of rock climbing, zip line  and rappelling; recognizing the constellations and observing their motion; and stimulating discussions followed by talks and nature quiz form an integral part of this memorable outdoor experience. We introduce the participants to an environment that must have been experienced by our remote ancestors so that participants understand many of the fears that have moulded our attitudes towards nature.

The Camp Site: An absolutely wild and enchanting campsite – “Abu Wild” – on  Gaumukh road located at about 2.5kms from the main city awaits the participants. So close and still so far from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city, this is a paradise with calls of wild creatures and great tranquillity that makes you realise why Arbudachal was so important on the pilgrim circuit.

Facilities: Spacious tents provide accommodation, and good, nutritious vegetarian food is served to the participants. First aid kit is available at the campsite. There are separate pucca toilet blocks for girls and boys.

Camp Season: End of September to mid June

Camps Offered:

3 N & 4 D Nature Camps
5 N & 6 D Adventure Camps
10 N & 11 D Basic Rock Climbing Camps
Custom-designed Trekking Camps, Study Tours, Sloth Bear Watch Programme