Educational Purposes

Since Sundarvan is a Not-for-Profit organization, seeks financial support from individuals, corporates and government bodies for educational equipment, publications, signage, interpretation rooms, animal enclosures, public amenities and also through advertisement space and event sponsors.

Philanthropy has many colours, as much as we welcome financial contributions, you may also Contact Us  with ideas where we may use your time and expertise to the betterment of a community space.

Educational Purposes

Sundarvan has played its role beyond a simple park and lived up to its name, A Nature Discovery Centre, engaged in evaluation based educational activities since its inception. As we introduce new awareness programmes, we also produce more and more resource materials in the form of booklets, posters, orientation manuals, activity books and field journals.

Mr Dipak Patel, Director, Siddhi Developers made a generous contribution in helping us to print a set of posters on Venomous and Non-venomous Snakes commonly found in Gujarat with their ecological importance and do’s and don’ts after a snakebite. This poster has reached more than 80 government schools in less than year through an awareness project and still continues to be disseminated to many schools, colleges, industries and organisations.

Like him, as a Partner in Conservation Education, you can support us in producing other materials and signage in the park:

  • Interactive and Way Signage in the park
  • Field Journals with writing space
  • Awareness Materials on specific animal groups
  • Learning Kits

To support our effort to provide a better zoo experience for the visitors and disemminate quality educational material for participants of our programme, Contact Us