The Dangs

Introduction: Dang district with its headquarters at Ahwa is a tribal area of South Gujarat bordering Maharashtra and is famous for its natural beauty. Rainfall in this part of Gujarat is very heavy compared to the other areas of Gujarat. Perennial rivers like the Gira, Purna and Ambica pass through this area and, thanks to the heavy rainfall, they are flowing for most of the year. Dang also boasts of a very rich bird life which includes Racket-tailed Drongo besides many other birds. Dang is also the home of the elusive Flying Squirrel.

We invite you to experience Dang at its best. Sundarvan organises 4-day Nature Camps in Dang.

Activities: Field trips which cover the most beautiful areas around the camp site. Activities on the field trips include bird watching, plant study, observing insects and a lot more. Also, there are adventure activities like rock-climbing, rappelling, zip line, etc.

During free time, campers engage in nature games, painting and learning to make plaster casts. During the nights, there are slide shows, film shows and astronomy sessions besides, of course, camp songs around camp fire. Interesting talks on environmental themes and, when possible, small projects like nullah bunding are the additional excitement.

The Camp Site: The camp site is at Mahal on the bank of the river Purna. Gira Falls, which has the distinction of being the highest waterfall of Gujarat, is at a trekking distance from the campsite.

Things to carry: Rucksack (if available), cotton jeans/pants, cotton shirts (full sleeved), woollen jersey, torch, light warm bedding, sports shoes (with rubber soles), slippers/floaters, socks, water bottle, lunch box, mug, plate, spoon, shorts/tights, towel, toilet paper, Vaseline, soap, sun-cap, thread and needle, note-book/diary, ball pen, personal medicines.