Beyt Dwarka

The Place: Beyt Dwarka is a famous Hindu place of pilgrimage. But few know about its rich and extensive marine life. Thus, the sheer proximity of Sundarvan's marine campsite in  Beyt Dwarka attracts hundreds of participants.

The Camp Site: Beyt Dwarka is situated off the OkhaPort in the Gulf of Kachchh and is accessible up to Okha by train or bus. From Okha one has to take a boat to reach the campsite. The sea surrounding the campsite has rich algal beds. Over a hundred species of algae have been recorded in the area, with red algae predominating. The marine life that can be spotted during the camp includes sponges, jelly fish, sea feathers, sea anemones, bristle worms, corals, molluscs, barnacles, crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers, marine turtles, sea snakes and dolphins. Winter brings migratory birds, too.

Activities: Living in jute shelters, exploring the seashore,  bathing/swimming, nature games, enjoying sunset, star-gazing, visiting coral reef, bivouacking for those who volunteer, talks on marine environment, and a feedback session are integral part of the camp activities.

Things to carry: Necessary clothing, night dress, swimwear, light woollen wear, towel, napkin, sleeping bag, sports shoes, socks, slippers, water bottle, sun cap, camera, binoculars, torch, pen and notepad. Don’t carry expensive items.

Camp Season: December to February

Camp Duration: 2 Nights and 3 Days