Become A Sponsor

Since Sundarvan is a Not-for-Profit organization, seeks financial support from individuals, corporates and government bodies for educational equipment, publications, signage, interpretation rooms, animal enclosures, public amenities and also through advertisement space and event sponsors.

Philanthropy has many colours, as much as we welcome financial contributions, you may also Contact Us  with ideas where we may use your time and expertise to the betterment of a community space.

Become A Sponsor

Advertising space on zoo entry tickets:

Sundarvan, A Nature Discovery Centre and Zoo set in the heart of Ahmedabad, receives about 1,00,000 visitors annually, including several thousand students and teachers from more than 200 schools. Sundarvan started printing multi-colour entry tickets with the support from its well-wishers and like-minded people.

The total ticket size is 18 cm X 10 cm. The logo, promotional coupons and information of your business establishment will be printed at back side of the ticket. At a time we print more than a lakh tickets which are used over a period of one year.

To inquire for the advertising space, kindly contact us.

Event Sponsorship:

Sundarvan conducts a variety of wildlife and nature awareness programmes throughout the year. The amphitheatre with the seating capacity of 200 surrounded by tall trees is a centre of attraction, where most of the awareness programmes and activities happen. Though school children are our major target group, Sundarvan conducts different activities to reach different age groups. Apart from awareness programs on specific animal groups, we also celebrate important days related to the environment and its conservation in order to spread a social message.

Help us in promoting various social causes by becoming our publicity partners, media partners, event partners and food and beverage partners. Drop by at the office and let us discuss ideas.

Check out some of our sponsored events below: