Amazing Adaptation

We specialize in grade-appropriate curriculum linked learning especially for topics such as adaptation, reptiles, bats and other nocturnal creatures, trees around us, insects and their secret lives etc. These are topics, difficult to handle within the four walls of a room and that’s where Sundarvan steps in with its outdoor classroom concept.

To design a session on any other topic for any age group and to explore the options of curriculum-linked grade-specific programme at our living classroom, CONTACT US.

Amazing Adaptation

The colour changing chameleon to the flowers that bloom at night, unravel mysteries of nature with Sundarvan team. Understand the topic of ‘Adaptation’ in a fun way with a better understanding of reptiles, mammals, birds; touch-table artefacts such as quills, eggs and nests as well as hands-on activities.

Minimum students: 30

Time required: Half-day (4 hours)

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